The Bank of Tioga Pirate Branch and DC Branch student b

The Bank of Tioga’s commitment to community through student-led banks

May 31, 2024

Tioga, ND, Monday, May 31, 2024 - As the academic calendar draws to a close, The Bank of Tioga’s in-school student-led banks celebrate the culmination of another rewarding year. Established in 2016 as part of The Bank of Tioga’s ongoing commitment to financial wellness, these programs have been instrumental in shaping the financial wellness landscape in northern North Dakota.

The Bank of Tioga’s two local student-led banks in both Tioga and Crosby, have continued to thrive. Nearly 945 deposits were made by students this year with over $10,365 saved, contributing to the financial education of over 1,000 students annually.

Since its inception, the program has seen remarkable growth. The DC Branch with Divide County Community School District kicked off in 2018 and the Pirate Branch at Central Elementary with Tioga School District opened in 2021.

The approach goes beyond traditional banking. Students are introduced to financial concepts through hands-on training, empowering them to make sound money decisions from an early age.

“I've seen many students save significantly over the last three years at the Pirate Branch. Their excitement about saving and getting into a weekly routine is wonderful. Additionally, it’s encouraging to see the overall positive effect the presence of the school bank has on students,” shared Feliciana King, The Bank of Tioga Universal Banker. “I have always been enthusiastic about education, and the financial wellness program fascinated me and have grown to love the program so much. It is something that has allowed me to be more involved in the community, and as someone who is not from the area, it has blessed me with the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.”

Beyond school partnerships, The Bank of Tioga continues to champion financial wellness within the community and is dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed decisions and secure their financial future.

“Each week I see the excitement when students save and see their balances grow. By educating students on the importance of saving, I've been able to attract new depositors throughout the year. Moreover, I've witnessed the profound impact on our student bankers, some of whom may face personal challenges and now have so much confidence. Seeing these students grow and thrive in their roles as bankers each week has been incredibly rewarding year over year,” added Brittany Smithberg, The Bank of Tioga Assistant Branch Manager.

In reflection on another successful year, The Bank of Tioga remains committed to building a brighter, more financially savvy future for our community.

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