The Bank of Tioga

The Bank of Tioga is a community bank that values citizenship, exceptional client service and serving as a business leader in its community. Committed to supporting local organizations, the bank reinvests 10 percent of their net income back to the community. Branch locations include both Tioga and Crosby, North Dakota.


The Bank of Tioga was chartered in December of 1951 and opened for business in July 1952. The bank has operated continuously in Williams County, ND since its inception. The Tioga Bank Holding Company, a one bank holding company, was formed in 1975 and previously owned the bank.

The present building is the second in the history of the bank. The Bank of Tioga began operations in 1952 in a small concrete building on the west side of Main Street and upon completion of the construction in 1954, moved to its current location at 7 North Main. Several additions were acquired and renovated over the years and in 1999 a new 2550 square foot addition was completed.

The Bank of Tioga was acquired by TS Banking Group in 2014 and then The Bank of Tioga acquired Farmers State Bank of Crosby, ND in 2015. The Tioga bank location was renovated in 2016 and the Crosby bank location was remodeled in 2018.

The Bank of Tioga and TS Banking Group teams at the Crosby location's grand re-opening celebration after remodel in 2018.

TS Banking Group

The TS Banking Group is a joint venture between Treynor Bancshares, Inc., the bank holding company of TS Bank, with banking assets of $437 million; and the newly formed bank holding company, TS Contrarian Bancshares, Inc., with banking assets of $560 million. Additionally, the trust departments within TS Banking Group, one with national trust powers, manage $226 million in assets-under-management. The TS Banking Group and two affiliated bank holding companies are headquartered in Treynor, Iowa, near the Omaha, Nebraska MSA.

The TS Banking Group is a dedicated community banking group focused on upholding a community bank management philosophy with the purpose of acquiring community banks in the upper midwest. The overall objective of the acquisition strategy is to expand an organization with a client-focused operating efficiency that allows for the long-term prosperity of community banking. To achieve this goal the TS Banking Group must: one, preserve the "local touch" at each community bank by allowing the acquired bank to focus their efforts on serving their clients and communities where they are located, and two, harness the power of a multi-bank operating group to provide a high level of technology, risk management and financial management.