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How to add your The Bank of Tioga debit card to your digital wallet

October 20, 2022

If you’ve seen other people use their phone to pay for things at the check-out, you may be wondering how that’s possible. They have added their debit card or favorite payment method to the ‘digital wallet’ on their phone. With digital wallets, you can have a touch-less experience at the checkout. Where accepted, simply hold up your phone to pay for your purchase on most smart phones.

What do I need to have a ‘digital’ debit card?

To get a ‘digital’ The Bank of Tioga debit card, you will need a physical debit card and a smart phone. You can set up a digital debit card for personal, business and HSA accounts. Depending on your device, you can utilize Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

How do I setup my debit card in my digital wallet?

First, confirm The Bank of Tioga has your correct contact information (look within online baking or give us a call). This information will be used to verify it’s really you. Then, open or download the "Wallet" app on your phone and connect your card. Note: If you are unable to connect your card immediately, call the number provided and confirm your identity with Shazam.

Are digital wallets safe?

Tokenization - A big word that refers to the encryption technology that digital wallets use to keep your debit card number a secret when you make a purchase. Digital wallet providers send a single-use token made up of random numbers to process the payment while your personal information remains secure. Your full card number, card expiration date or CVC code are never used on a digital wallet except for enrollment.

Password Protection

Ideally your phone will have either a password or biometric authentication set-up to access your device, which makes it difficult for the bad guys to unlock your phone. A password is also required as verification to make that purchase. No more worries about losing your card and someone finding it.

Lost Phone?

It happens, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cancel your debit card. Your card number itself is secure as long as your device password remains safe.   

Beyond the convenience factor of using a digital wallet, they are also the safest way for you to pay and will make any purchase easier. For more details on your The Bank of Tioga debit card or digital wallets read our webpage or talk to a banker today!  

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