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A $1,000 gift to honor 35 years of service

October 29, 2020

Today, we honor a familiar face with The Bank of Tioga who recently celebrated a big milestone. Susan Wolla, Operations Officer at The Bank of Tioga, is celebrating 35 years of service. In addition to an individual tenure gift, employees who serve more than 30 years with the bank receive $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, a donation that is made in their honor. In this case, Susan is splitting this gift for two charities close to her heart.

The first charity Susan chose was the Tioga Clothes Closet. It is a free or greatly reduced clothing store. Her donation will be used to purchase cold weather gear such as coats, snow pants, gloves and hats. As a grandma, Susan cannot imagine not having warm things for a child. Tioga, like the rest of the nation, has experienced a large jump in unemployment. “I like the thought of being a grandma to the children in need with the donation made on my behalf,” Susan stated.

The second charity is again assisting families in need, which is The Tioga Community Food Bank. The food bank and its volunteers work hard to provide good, nutritious food to those who are the most vulnerable. Susan has served many meals to friends and family, now she gets to help feed her Tioga family.

Both charities are a huge asset to the community. The volunteers who work at both organizations are amazing for donating their time and talent. Susan stated, “when my very rewarding career is done at The Bank of Tioga, I will spend even more of my time helping others too. For now, I am honored to have the donations made in my name.”

As a lifelong resident of Tioga, Susan’s relationship with The Bank of Tioga began early. It has always been a part of her community. Little did she realize that when returning to Tioga from college what a huge roll the bank would play in her life. After marrying her high school sweetheart, Susan took a part-time job as teller. She received a full-time position about six months later and has had many roles and responsibilities at the bank over the years. Bookkeeping and operations are among her favorite positions.

The people are my favorite part of my job and where most of my memories have been made! It is great to have a career that offers a chance to learn and grow but also make great friendships too.” Susan explained as she reflected on her memories with the bank. The bank has always volunteered in the community – mitten trees, cozy socks for the school, lap blankets for long-term care, working at the Tioga Theater, Junior Achievement; Susan loved helping with all these events. “We work hard at the bank but we also make time to fun too. Some of my fondest memories are outings on the lake, golfing, picnics and parties with my coworkers. All of these involved lots of laughter!”

“The 35 years have flown by, and I like thinking about all of the clients I have helped through the years. People went from being clients to being friends. I look forward to continuing to help my community both at The Bank of Tioga and in our volunteer activities.”

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