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Inspirational Speaker Impacts Over 300 Students

By: Rachel Cain
Published: 09/29/2016
Published in: Events

Tioga, ND Sept. 29, 2016 - Motivational speaker Kyle Scheele reached over 300 students in the area on Wednesday, Sept. 28. as a result of the Bank of Tioga's community reinvestment efforts.

The Bank of Tioga reinvests 10 percent of its pre-tax income back into the community. As a way to reach out to local youth, The Bank of Tioga enlisted the help of motivational speaker, Kyle Scheele to reach out to both Tioga and Divide County School districts. Kyle uses a sense of humor and stories to relate to students. Instead of what students shouldn't do, Kyle focuses on what students can do to make their lives and the lives of other around them better.

The first assembly was at Divide County High School, in Crosby, North Dakota, where 142 students were able to gather and hear Kyle speak.

"Kyle brought in real-life situations, and also kept it fun," said Divide County Guidance Counselor, Judy Harding. "He had a positive message about students writing their own stories with their lives."

Kyle's second assembly took place at Tioga High School in Tioga, North Dakota, where he was able to reach 165 students.

"Kyle had a wonderful energy and emotion that kept the students engaged for the entire hour," said Tioga High School Principal, Brodie Odegaard.

The Bank of Tioga hopes to make this event a tradition as an alignment with their promise to give back. To learn more about the bank and its community reinvestment efforts visit

About The Bank of Tioga:The Bank of Tioga located in Tioga, ND in the Bakken area, with $330 million in assets, was chartered in December 1951 and has operated continuously in Williams County, ND since its inception. The Bank of Tioga values citizenship, exceptional client service, serving as a business leader in its community, and is committed to reinvesting in the community through sponsorships, donations, and local non-profits. As of October 31, 2014, The Bank of Tioga was acquired by The TS Banking Group. The Bank of Tioga will retain its strong community focus, name and staff, including David Grubb as President and Timothy J. Joyce will continue serving on the Board.